Ethics Consultations & Support


The Centre for Health Care Ethics of Lakehead University is providing consultations for institutions, organizations, governments or individuals in the following domains:
  • Development of capacity of health care organizations to address ethical issues
  • Creation of institutional ethics committee and research ethics boards
  • Educational programs for ethics committees and research ethics boards or institutional review committees - planning, development, delivery
  • Assessment of educational needs  of staff in bioethics/health care ethics
  • Evaluation of existing ethics codes and development of new codes for health care professions and organizations
  • Ethical perspectives on euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • End of life care and palliative care – ethical aspects
  • Ethics of advocacy for health care users
  • Ethical component of curriculums in educational program for health professions
  • Ethical and professional issues in pandemic influenza planning and response
  • Ethics of public health program development and delivery 
To inquire about possible consultation, please contact our bioethicist, Richard Matthews, PhD, by email to or text/phone to 807-737-0881; Jaro Kotalik, MD, MA, FRCPC, at, phone (807)767-3323 or (807)251-3323 (cell); or the Centre’s Director, Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio at, phone (807) 343-8079.